Our Services

We provide customized, co-designed strategies with organizations and partnerships to develop results frameworks and identify strategies for racially equitable impact. We are experts in both newly forming organizations and collaboratives as well as reorienting longstanding institutions and partnerships. Over time, doing work in this way supports clients to internalize a racial equity-focused results process and culture change required to do meaningful work regardless of where they start.  

Using a multiracial co-facilitation model, Equity & Results’ approach brings together the right experts to model the principles of racial equity in all of our work. We encourage our clients to complete in the Undoing Racism Workshop (a powerful training focused on institutional and structural racism) prior to or concurrent with a contract with Equity & Results to ensure that teams are ready to shift away from business as usual towards new, impactful work.



Equity & Results offers consulting engagements, ranging from 6 month to multiyear contracts, critical to building the initial racial equity and results framework, culture shift, and the “muscle” and time to implement.

Engagements generally begin with a focus on the internal organization work to operationalize racial equity principles with staff and leadership or externally with clients/grantees/partners. However, over time, organizations move beyond their initial focus to expand into other areas of organizational culture and work for expanded impact.

Equity & Results is geared toward public sector, philanthropic organizations, non-profits and boards - but is available to any group committed to racial equity and looking to solve for organizational and systemic challenges around equity, across a spectrum of categories, ranging from hiring to procurement, to company culture, team leadership, and more.

Daily, hourly, weekly rates available upon request.



As a part of our consulting work, Equity & Results offers hands-on, interactive, workshops that apply a racial equity lens and impact framework to the real work of the group. These workshops are a critical component in setting foundational knowledge of the mindset and methodology of doing work to disrupt inequity.  Workshops can range from 10-150 participants.



We provide keynote talks at conferences, universities, annual meetings and Board Meetings.



We offer individual and team coaching for our consulting clients who need additional help with strategic mapping, organizational management, team management and more. 


Some Of Our Clients

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