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We have powerfully joined a Racial Equity Lens with a Results Based Framework to transform your organization's culture and actions to deliver racially equitable results.

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Racial Equity

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Our country has had a centuries-long history of racism that has impacted who we are, how our institutions were structured, how they function today, and how we define success. Using a racial equity lens means that we are committed to addressing disproportionate outcomes using a set of principles inside and outside of our organization. If we do not address racial inequity explicitly, we will not address it at all.

Equity & Results use the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s anti-racism frameworks and principles to guide our disciplined approach to systems change.


Results Based Accountability (RBA) + Racial Equity Lens

Many organizations are doing their best to help people, but either don't hold themselves accountable to outcomes or have outcomes that lack meaning or rigor. If we are serious about disrupting inequity then we need to be disciplined in our approach and ensure that our hard work produces change for people and communities of color inside of our organization and in our work externally.

Many organizations do not know how to bridge the gap between racial equity and their work. But when an organization with a commitment to racial equity uses the Results-Based Accountability methodology, created by Mark Friedman, the group moves from good intentions to transformation. Results Based Accountability (RBA) begins with impact and backs into solutions to ensure that the are selected with an eye to root causes of the inequity. It requires organization to ask three critical questions; How much are we doing? How well are we doing it? And, is anyone better off?, as part of a rigorous seven step process to making sure that people and communities of color equitably benefit from our work.


Racial equity-informed RBA can support the work of individual organizations or collaborative/collective impact efforts to do larger systems change work that challenges the status quo and builds the personal and organizational  “muscle” to continuously refine work so that it meets racial equity goal - including bringing communities (internal, i.e. staff or external i.e. potential small business owners of color, parents, community advocates) into powerful decision making roles.

Our Clients



We work with single organization and collaborative efforts in the public, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, (including Boards) ranging from local to national scale.  

Our Work



  • Shifting internal organizational culture and and transforming leadership structure

  • Transformation of: hiring/retention/promotion, contracts/procurement, grant making, board capacity

  • Multi-sector collaborations to transform outcomes for communities of color

  • Capacity building with grantees to embed racial equity RBA lens into their work, i.e. human service, public health, business-public sector alignment

Our Impact



Our results include deep organizational change in budgeting, leadership and structure and composition, use and distribution of resources/grants, meaningful community leadership and participation in decision making - all using a racial equity and results methodology.


Our Services

We provide customized, co-designed contracts with organizations and partnerships to develop results frameworks and identify strategies for organizations for racially equitable impact; expertise in both newly forming organizations and collaboratives as well as reorienting longstanding institutions and partnerships. Over time, doing work in this way will supports clients to internalize a racial equity-focused results process and culture change required to do meaningful work.  The process also supports the identification of new partners and collaborators for impact.

Using a multiracial co-facilitation model, Equity & Results’ approach brings together the right experts to model the principles of racial equity. We also encourage our clients to complete in the Undoing Racism Workshop (or an equally powerful training focused on institutional and structural racism) prior to or concurrent with a contract with Equity & Results.  



Equity & Results offers consulting engagements, ranging from 6 month to multiyear contracts, as critical to building the racial equity and results initial framework, “muscle”, and time to implement.

Engagements either begin with a focus on the internal organization work to operationalize racial equity principles with staff and leadership or externally with clients/grantees/partners.

Over time, organizations generally move beyond their initial focus to expand into other areas of organizational culture and work for expanded impact.

Equity & Results is geared toward public sector, philanthropic organizations, non-profits and boards - but are available to any group committed to racial equity and looking to solve for organizational and systemic challenges around equity, across a spectrum of categories, ranging from hiring to procurement, to company culture, team leadership, and more.

Daily, hourly, weekly rates available upon request.



As a part of our consulting work, Equity & Results offers hands-on, interactive, workshops that incorporate a racial equity lens with RBA as applied to the work of the group. These workshops are a critical component in setting foundational knowledge of the mindset and methodology of doing work to disrupt inequity.  



We provide keynote talks at conferences, universities, annual meetings and Board sessions.  



We offer individual and team coaching around Equity & Results as an add-on to our consulting clients who need additional help with strategic mapping, organizational management, team management and more. 


Some Of Our Clients

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About Our Founder

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Erika Bernabei is a leader in the strategic design and implementation of racial equity focused whole organization and collaborative transformation to achieve results for people and communities of color. Through Equity & Results, she works with small and large scale nonprofit, philanthropic and public agencies to use a results-driven, racial equity lens to build the capacity of leaders and communities for impact. 

Equity & Results uses an antiracist lens, developed by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, to look at how organizations and collaboratives can work differently to do systems change work and strategically disrupt business as usual. Erika is an expert in Results Based Accountability (RBA) and has worked with groups nationally and internationally to use this tool to transform their work. Erika’s deep knowledge of community-based participatory processes embeds ownership and accountability at all levels in the work.

Prior to Equity & Results, Erika served as an Assistant Commissioner in the New York City Department of Homeless Services, working on family homelessness, and as a Senior Program Associate at PolicyLink. At PolicyLink she developed and managed a results-driven infrastructure and support system for more than 50 diverse Promise Neighborhood communities to produce holistic and measurable outcomes and advance equity and opportunity.

She holds an MA in Education Policy from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a PhD in Education from New York University.

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